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Return visit the left behind children

Today, we will visit the left-behind children (留守儿童) and give a gift to them. In the morning we plan to visit the children in the school, but something breaks this work. Then we decide to complete the plan in the afternoon. We are in Guizhou China.

My colleague and I with the driver go to the village to meet the children who we must visit. The tree children I need to visit, named Fang Fu Wang, Meng Qi Wang and Xin Lei Wang, all of their parents leave home, who work in another city, and they cannot take care of their children. There are lots of left-behind children in China, and the growth of them will influence the improvement of China. So we need more care about their study, life, and growth.

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  1. Langli December 3, 2016 at 7:40 am - Reply

    We will continue to do better work.

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