Where there is a help in need, there is our group indeed.

We help the students who living in poverty

I'm a newbie in helping others, also everyone cannot do everything individually. There are lots of people need help in Guizhou, including students、orphan and the elderly person of no family. But you know the things cannot accomplish in an action, we need many volunteers join us to help the poverty people.

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Who lose the honesty in China 

China is a great country, who had a long history, a strong economic and rapidly growth rate. But most of the rich distributed in the east of our country along the coast. There are lots of rural poor are mostly concentrated in the central and western regions. Now the goverment devote to solve the development of the western regions.

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The people who live in the underclass in China

Nowdays, China was the second economic community in the world, its influence extend over the world. But there is a long way to improve the income per person and the quality of citizens as a large population country.

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Our mission and goals

We are members of the volunteer family without a named title, and we will be in any place where the people needs us indeed. Anyone can become an organizer and organize our volunteers to participate in a certain non-profit activity. Our supports to good causes are not limited to financial support, volunteers can involve in [...]

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